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Section I, Series 5. Patients, 1752-1967.

State law 50 P.S. 7111 prohibits the use of all patient mental health records.

The Pennsylvania Hospital closes non-mental health patient records for 100 years. Records older than 100 years are open for researchers to view. All non-patient related material is closed for 75 years from its creation. Certain restrictions might still apply on specific records.

Admissions and Discharges, 1804 - 1927, in 44 volumes. Daily lists of patients in both categories, chronological and concurrent. Admission data, 1864-1825, include name, diagnosis, security, pay or poor patient, but not discharge date. In 1825, country of origin was added, and in 1829, occupation, age, ethnicity, and marital status. Discharge data, 1804-1852, include name, result of treatment, pay or poor patient. Beginning 1853, discharge date is added to admission information, to provide complete case history in each entry. Prior to 1804, most of this admission and discharge data is available from the Managers' Minutes and the Annual Accounts.

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