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Section I, Series 9. Miscellany, 1825-1950.

Papers including those related to the engraved views of the Hospital, and reports of other institutions, in one box.

Papers "of historical interest" (primarily early receipts) given to Dr. Arthur V. Meigs by Charles Morton Smith. Items mounted in sheets, then bound in large red leather portfolio.

Meteorological records, 1825 - 1912, in fourteen volumes.

Donation Book, 1913 - 1924. Donations of, towels, gowns, clothes. Yearly records in alphabetical order by donor. Also, Rainfall Records, l757 - 1898, 1898 - 1907, 1907 - 1914, in one package.

Pennsylvania Hospital. Women's Committee. Minutes, 1865 - 1903, 1922 - 1947, in four volumes, and one folder of papers, ca. 1893 - 1947. Originally called the "Lady Visitors," this committee was formed in 1865 to attend primarily to the spiritual needs of the patients. In 1923 its name was changed to the "Women's Committee." In 1947, it merged with the Women's Auxiliary, which had been formed to attend to the patients' material comfort.

Pennsylvania Hospital. Women’s Committee. Account Book, 1915 - 1947, in one volume.

Pennsylvania Hospital. Diploma, Exposition Universelle de 1900 Awarded by Le Jury International des Recompenses, Medaille d’Or.

Base Hospital No. 10. Record of service of civilian employees, 1918-1919, in one volume.

Base Hospital, No. 10. Memorabilia, 1917-1918,in one box.

Base Hospital No. 10. Photograph album--Officers, 1917, in one volume.

Elevator Operators' Time Book, 1929 - 1931. --(Edward B. Krumbhaar). Scrapbook, ca. 1917- 1919, in one volume.

James P. Hutchinson. Photograph Albums, 1915 - 1917, in three volumes.

Eva Gerhard Hart. Diary and photograph album.

Base Hospital No. 10, 1917 - 1919, in two volumes.

George W. Norris. War Letters, 1917- 1919, in two volumes; scrapbook, ca. 1901 - 1950, in one volume; and war photos, 1917 - 1919, in one box.

Thomas George Morton. Papers relating to the publication of History of the Pennsylvania Hospital, in one box.

Pennsylvania Hospital. 44th St. Building. Contents of cornerstone, 1836 (6 items and envelope).

Elizabeth W. Hoopes (West-Town, Chester Co.) Poetry Book, ca. 1864 - 1881, in one volume.

Residence Directory (Isaac Collins?), n.d., in one volume.

Disbursements and Finance, ca. 1827 - 1863, in one volume.

Disbursements (personal). Oct. 1, 1773 - Jan. 12 , 1785, in one volume.

Disbursements (personal), 1778 - 1790, in one volume.

Accounts--Debits & Credits--(small business?), 1822 - 1857, in one volume.

Ledger, 1804 - 1822, in one volume.

Mrs. Battle's photographs, in one folder.

Helen McClelland. Memorabilia, ca. 1930 - 1970, in one box.

Mary Aspril. Memorabilia, ca. 1941, in one box.

Samuel Morris. Memorabilia, 1752 - 1758 (2 items), donated by Mrs. Eleanor Morris.

Richard C. Dale. Certificate of attendance at Pennsylvania Hospital, 1792 (framed). Presented by Dr. Richard Dale Hopkinson, 1948.

Samuel B. Smith. M.D. Diploma, University of Pennsylvania, 1807; Philadelphia Medical- Society certificate, 1802; Student of Medicine certificate, 1807.

Benjamin Franklin. Draft of cornerstone of Pennsylvania Hospital, 1755 letter to Charles Moore, London, Feb. 5, 1775.

Portrait of Benjamin Rush. Etching by L.E. Faber, ca. 1898.

Jacob Spicer. Pennsylvania Hospital. Contributor's certificate, 1776.

Certificates of Membership of the Pennsylvania Hospital (8). Arranged alphabetically:

Personnel Book, 1898 - 1905. Record of personnel-- dates of beginning and termination of employment.

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