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Section III, Series 1. Photographs – Loose Prints, c.1700s-1997.
(earliest dates represent dates of original works of art, not to the photographs themselves)

There are approximately 4,400 images in Series 1. This series is divided into nine subseries, which include:

Subseries A: Buildings, 1749-1991 + [n.d.]
(earliest dates represent dates of original maps and engravings that have been photographed)
Internal and external aspects of Hospital property. Showcases the variant architecture and grounds of the Hospital. Includes numerous prints of the most highly recognizable Hospital buildings, such as the Pine Building, as well as of lesser known buildings like the Carriage House or Harte-Memorial.

Subseries B: Departments and Procedures, c.1880s-1984 + [n.d.]
A photographic record of the Hospital’s activities, both medical and administrative in nature. Images of surgery, laboratory work, nursing service and nursing school, obstetric patient care, etc.

Subseries C: Events, Hospital-Sponsored, c.1920s-1986 + [n.d.]
Photos of the numerous events sponsored or held by the Hospital, including but not limited to, Pennsylvania Hospital Day events, departmental holiday parties, retirement dinners, and Nursing School capping ceremonies and graduations.

Subseries D: Instruments/ Artifacts, 1751-1990s + [n.d.]
(earliest dates represent dates of actual documents)
Photographs of some of the instruments used over the years to treat patients, as well as historic artifacts housed in the Hospital’s Historic Collections.

Subseries E: Paintings/ Artwork, c.1700s – 1981 + [n.d.]
(earliest dates refer to the dates of the artwork, not the photographs of the artwork)
Prints of painted portraits of hundreds of the most influential men and women in the Hospital’s history, the famed “Christ Healing the Sick in the Temple” by Benjamin West, and other artwork.

Subseries F: People, 1806-1997
(earliest dates refer to dates of engravings, not of the actual photos of the engravings)
Portraits, both formal and informal, of groups and individuals who were part of the Hospital’s history. Nursing school class photos, staff portraits, and resident groups are among the most notable images in this subseries.

There are also images of patients; however, According to the Hospital Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA), effective April 14th, 2003, Hospital employees are not permitted to provide access to identifying information of any patient - past, present, or future. As a result, access to, or reproductions of, any images in which patients appear, cannot be granted, unless the patients' faces are blurred so as to be unrecognizable.

Subseries G: Transportation, c.1880s-1967 + [n.d.]
Images of the Hospital’s ambulance services, from horse-drawn carriages, to present day automotive ambulances.

Subseries H: Wartime Service, c.1917-1947
Images of Pennsylvania Hospital’s involvement overseas in World War I (Base Hospital #10 in France) and World War II (52nd Evacuation Hospital in the Pacific Theater).

Subseries I: Miscellaneous Photographs, c.1920s-1975
Items that are part of the collection, but which do not easily fit into one of the aforementioned subseries.

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