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Section III, Series 2. Scrapbooks/ Albums, 1874-1974.

There are eleven scrapbooks in total, containing approximately 1,250 prints. This series is divided into four subseries, which include:

Subseries A: Medical Staff, 1874-1900
Portraits of Pennsylvania Hospital physicians bound together by albums

Box Med 15, Photos 2797-2834
Box Lg 8, Photos 2835-2908

Subseries B: Nursing, 1886-1974
Class portraits and nurses in service bound together by albums

Box Sm 57, Photos 2909-2924
Box Med 16, Photos 2925-2944
Box Lg 9, Photos 2945-3019

Subseries C: War Service, 1914-1919
Images of Patients from WWI, Ambulance Service during WWI, general wartime medical service – focused on World War I. The images of patients in war hospitals are restricted by HIPAA regulations, which close images containing identifying factors of any patient – past, present, or future.

Box Med 16, Photos 3020-3026.4
Box Med 17, Photos 3027-3339
Box Med 18, Photos 3340-3548
Box Med 19, Photos 3549-3691
Box Lg 10, Photos 3692-3821
Box Lg 11, Photos 3822-3848

Subseries D: Other, c.1940s-1970s
Personal photo album of Joyce Cooper, former administrative secretary for the Pennsylvania Hospital. Includes snapshots of numerous staff members.

Box Lg 12, Photos 3849-4006.27

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