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The Creation of the Nation's First Hospital

Benjamin Franklin

Dr. Thomas Bond

Patient Admission and Regulation

Caring for Some Very Colorful Characters

Pennsylvania Hospital's Influence on the Field of Psychiatry

Dr. Benjamin Rush: "Father of American Psychiatry"

Thomas Story Kirkbride and the Magic Lantern


(1706 - 1790)

Benjamin Franklin's interest in the scientific culture of the 18th century drew him into many positive acquaintances and associations. It was Franklin's friendship with Dr. Thomas Bond that inspired him to assist in the founding of Pennsylvania Hospital.

Franklin served on the Pennsylvania Hospital Board of Managers from 1751 until his resignation in 1757. He was the first secretary of the original Board, and its second President. Up to the time of his death on April 17, 1790, he remained supportive of the hospital, which owes -- to a great extent -- its very existence to his efforts.

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