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Pennsylvania Hospital’s academic Department of Emergency Medicine is a partner in the University of Pennsylvania’s fully accredited emergency medicine residency. The Department was created in 2000 and its first chairman is Charles V. Pollack, Jr., MA, MD, FACEP.

Dr. Pollack has been active in teaching and clinical research and is a national leader in emergency medicine for more than fifteen years. He is chairman of the national Research Committee of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) and has chaired and served on multiple other committees and task forces for ACEP and for the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine. He is the only physician to have received ACEP’s highest national awards in both teaching and research; he also received the national teaching award from the Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors.

He is a founding editor of Journal Watch — Emergency Medicine and is on the editorial boards of Journal of Emergency Medicine, and emedicine.com. He is the international editor of the Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine. He has written more than 150 original research articles, chapters, and abstracts, and lectures internationally on many varied topics in emergency medicine. He serves on the steering committees of five national grants and has received NIH, CDC, AHRQ, and industry funding for his own research.

The emergency physicians at Pennsylvania Hospital are dedicated to the academic advancement of our specialty. Recent medical publications from our staff include:

POLLACK CV. 2001. The laryngeal mask airway: A comprehensive review for the emergency physician. Journal of Emergency Medicine 20: 53-66.

Mower WH, Hoffman JR, POLLACK CV, Zucker MI, Browne BJ, Wolfson AB, NEXUS Group. 2001. Use of plain radiography to screen for cervical spine injuries. Annals of Emergency Medicine 38: 1-7.

POLLACK CV, Hendey GW, Martin DR, Hoffman JR, Mower WH, NEXUS Group. 2001. Use of flexion-extension radiographs of the cervical spine in blunt trauma. Annals of Emergency Medicine 38: 8-11.

Limkakeng A, Gibler WB, POLLACK CV, Hoekstra JW, Sites F, Shofer FS, Tiffany B, Wilke E, Hollander JE. 2001. Combination of Goldman risk and initial cardiac troponin I for emergency department chest pain patient risk stratification. Academic Emergency Medicine 8: 696-702.

Butler KC, Selden B, POLLACK CV. 2001. Relief by naloxone of morphine-induced spasm of the sphincter of Oddi in a post-cholecystectomy patient. Journal of Emergency Medicine 21: 129-31.

POLLACK CV, Gibler WB. 2001. 2000 ACC/AHA guidelines for the management of patients with unstable angina and non-ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction: A practical summary for emergency physicians. Annals of Emergency Medicine 38: 229-40.

POLLACK CV, Gibler WB. 2001. Advances create opportunities: Implementing the major tenets of the new unstable angina guidelines in the emergency department. Annals of Emergency Medicine 38: 241-48.

POLLACK CV. 2001. Peer interaction in emergency medicine research: A semiannual event (at least). Annals of Emergency Medicine 38: S1-2.

POLLACK CV, Panacek EA. 2002. Basics of research (Part 5): Ethics and human rights. Hong Kong Journal of Emergency Medicine 9: 52-58.

Birnbaumer DM, POLLACK CV. 2002. Troubleshooting and managing the difficult airway. Seminars in Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 23: 3-9.


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