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Students gain first-hand knowledge of a wide-range of neurological problems seen by medical and surgical specialists, and neurological complications of other acute disease processes.

Each student sees, examines and evaluates hospitalized patients for whom neurological consultation has been requested. Each patient is presented to an attending neurologist, who then examines the patient with the student, allowing the student to perfect his or her skills in taking neurological histories and performing physical examinations. Students formulate the differential diagnosis, diagnostic and treatment plans for discussion with the attending physician. Students follow each of their patients while in the hospital and participate in daily rounds on all patients followed by the consultation service.

Neurological Surgery

Provides basic exposure to the principles and practices of neurological surgery; a previous elective in neurology is desirable, but not mandatory. Students participate in all aspects of care for patients undergoing neurologic evaluation and surgery, from admission through discharge. Students examine patients, observe surgery and participate in the postoperative care of all patients on an active surgical service. Students work every third evening and one or two weekends during the rotation.


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