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General OB/GYN Care

This course provides basic exposure to the principles and practices of neurological surgery; a previous elective in neurology is desirable, but not mandatory. Students participate in all aspects of care for patients undergoing neurologic evaluation and surgery, from admission through discharge. Students examine patients, observe surgery and participate in the postoperative care of all patients on an active surgical service. Students work every third evening and one or two weekends during the rotation.

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

The elective in reproductive endocrinology and infertility allows the student to participate in a busy clinical practice specializing in reproductive disorders. While the majority of time is spent in an office setting, ample time is available to observe diverse surgical procedures.

In the office, the student will be exposed to patients experiencing infertility and reproductive endocrine disorders. Diagnostic tests (post-coital examination, endometrial biopsy and vaginal ultrasound) and various therapies (ovulation induction and insemination) can be observed on a daily basis. Patients presenting with amenorrhea, DUB, and menopausal complaints will also be evaluated and treated.

Surgical procedures include diagnostic laparoscopy, treatment of endometriosis, diagnosis and treatment of ectopic pregnancy, and myomectomy. The student will also have the opportunity to participate in an active in-vitro fertilization program. The student may be expected to make a presentation during the course of the elective.

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Gynecologic Oncology

Students work in both ambulatory and inpatient settings, taking part in outpatient diagnosis and management of patients with gynecologic cancer, including the preoperative inpatient evaluation, the intraoperatic aspect and post-operative care. Reading topics are assigned. A research paper is not required.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

This course emphasizes newborn physiology and pathophysiology. This is accomplished through a rigorous combination of daily clinical experience and teaching seminars. Teaching rounds are held daily in the Intensive Care Nursery on topics selected from fetal and neonatal physiology, with an emphasis on cardiovascular, pulmonary and nutrition topics.

Students will be actively involved with the care of the infants with and under the supervision of the staff, will learn diagnostic procedures and will participate in the calls of neonatal emergencies such as resuscitation and assisted-ventilation in the delivery rooms and nurseries. Students will be on night call on a rotational basis (approximately every fourth night) for the duration of the program.

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