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Clinical Pastoral Education

CPE at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania began with a single student in 1978. Since that time, hundreds of men and women have completed CPE units here. These men and women, like the institution they serve, are a culturally rich and diverse group representing more than 14 different denominations. The University of Pennsylvania is now truly poised to be able to unite two great educational missions: the bedside training of both the physician and the pastor toward the healing of their common patient and parishioner.

The University of Pennsylvania Health System is nationally accredited through The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE), in Decatur, Georgia, to offer training in Pastoral Care and Supervisory Education. These programs are conducted at a variety of sites, and provide diverse opportunities for students.

Current CPE Openings
CPE: Program Overview
Clinical Opportunities and Placements for Students
Ralph Thomas Taylor Award for Leadership of Inclusive Worship
Informal Perspectives on CPE and Careers in Chaplaincy
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  Dan DeArment: Recipient of the ACPE Distinguished Service Award