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The Rev. Daniel C. DeArment, Recipient of the
ACPE Distinguished Service Award

On October 23, 2008, the Rev. Daniel C. DeArment, ACPE Supervisor and Chaplain of the Presbyterian Medical Center (now the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center) from 1967 to 1992, received the Distinguished Service Award from the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education at the national conference in Richmond, Virginia.

Anne and Dan DeArment at the Presidential Dinner

ACPE Past-President Bill Baugh, UPHS Pastoral Care Director Ralph Ciampa,
Honoree Dan DeArment, and ACPE President Bill Scrivener

The following biographical sketch appeared in the conference program:

Dan grew up in a small Ohio town, North Baltimore --so small his high school graduating class contained only 33 students. From this town he ventured to s small college, The College of Wooster ('53) where he majored in economics/political science. After college he worked in construction, served for a season as a deckhand on a Great Lakes oreboat, did home cleaning and was a management trainee for General motors. Anne, his wife, came into his life during this period of vocational floundering. In 1955 they were married and went to Union Theological Seminary (NYC) where Dan's mentors were Reinhold Niebuhr and Paul Tillich.

After seminary, Dan was founding pastor of a Presbyterian church in Cleveland, Ohio's suburbs until he was asked to leave for his stand on "open occupancy" in home ownership. After this crisis the young prophet moved to New Brunswick, NJ, as assistant minister. While there he enrolled in Princeton Theological Seminary to study with Seward Hiltner in Pastoral Theology. There he began his first CPE with Ken Lee, and then with Bernie Pennington at Presbyterian Hospital. In that decade (the '60's) he was first an Assistant Supervisor, then an Acting Supervisor and finally an ACPE Supervisor. After a couple of certification delays he achieved the final level in 1969, two years after ACPE was formed, so that most of his CPE was with the "old" Council for Clinical Training.

In '67 he took over Pennington's job at Presbyterian in Philadelphia and remained there for 25 years. During his tenure at Presbyterian, it was the flagship of CPE in the Philadelphia area, being instrumental in founding many strong programs including Lehigh Valley, the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Jefferson University Medical Center, Hahnemann Hospital, and the Christiana Health Care System. Dan trained many of the Supervisors now active in the ACPE. And at the turn of this century, the ACPE, the Association of Professional Chaplains and the Canadian Association for Pastoral Practice and Education were all led by Dan's graduates --including Joan Hemenway.

Dan was an early proponent and host of international CPE students, attending the International Congress of Pastoral Care as their Secretary in 1979 and 1983. He was also ACPE's first International Committee Chair. Close to home, he created a vibrant relationship with the African-American clergy of his West Philadelphia neighborhood, leading to a long-standing CPE partnership with the community. Dan was also one of the first to explore creative accreditation innovations such as Satellite Centers.

Having served the ACPE as Chair of Standards and of Accreditation, Dan ran for ACPE president in 1987, and consistent with his character, he never allowed his disappointment in that race to dampen his commitment to the organization that has shaped him and has been his home. In 1988, having recently chaired the national Accreditation Commission, Dan chose to lead his Center through a highly creative, unorthodox participatory re-accreditation process, his way of affirming and challenging our process.

Dan was named Emeritus Supervisor by the Eastern Region, which he had twice served as Regional Chair and as chair of Standards and of Accreditation, and as a member of numerous other committees. He also led by example in supporting the ACPE Development campaign through an endowed gift.

Throughout all these years Anne, mother of Andy and Mary, was a faithful helpmate. In 1992, Dan began supervising part time at Tampa General and at Florida Hospital, and in 2002 he and Ann moved to Sarasota. He continued to write poetry and plays and enjoyed attending Quaker Meetings. In June of 2009, Dan died in the midst of a busy traveling schedule. He is remembered as a man of most distinguished service and as someone who touched and changed many lives.

In May 2010, plaques in honor of Dan were placed in the McCahan Chapel at the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center and in the CPE Seminar Room at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. These memorials, funded by a gift from the Presbyterian Nursing Alumni Association, bear the following poem, which Dan wrote on November 3, 1997:

Reflections on Recovery
--by Dan DeArment

Lesson One: Walking.
      It can be learned in later years.
Lesson Two: Sleeping.
      There is no way to fast forward into dawn.
Lesson Three: Breathing.
      No wonder the ancients called this stuff "holy spirit."

Day by day return these three--
Walking, sleeping, breathing free.
Now I preach and teach
Of God's ordained complexity.
But Let me not forget
Life is first simplicity.