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CPE and the Trauma Center at Penn

Pavilion for Advanced Care at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

The Department of Pastoral Care has for decades partnered with the Trauma Center at Penn to make trauma chaplaincy a core component of the CPE Residency curriculum. Chaplains are full members of the Trauma Team, caring for the more than 2,000 patients a year, along with their families, who arrive at the state-of-the-art Level 1 center for life-saving treatment. Responsibilities of the on-call chaplain include making initial contact with families and coordinating their briefing by the Trauma Surgeon and their visiting with the patient, in addition to responding to their spiritual and emotional needs. In the process, Residents experience profound and practical learning about working amid crises that is indispensable to the year-long CPE program.

The five-bay Trauma Resuscitation Unit

Spacious and bright rooms in the Trauma ICU

In 2015, the Trauma Center moved into the custom-designed Pavilion for Advanced Care at the nearby Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, part of the integrated Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania Penn Presbyterian double campus. The new Pavilion is a 178,000-square-foot building located at 38th Street & Powelton Avenue, housing the five-bay John Paul Pryor Shock Trauma & Resuscitation Unit -- the largest known design dedicated to trauma resuscitation -- and the Trauma Surgical Intensive Care Unit, along with Heart & Vascular and Neuro Intensive Care Units and an expansive Emergency Department. The facility was constructed to bring the most critical resources to the sickest patients, as explained in a brief Penn video (via You Tube).

To see more about the Trauma Center, including patients' stories, visit