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Department Personnel
The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

  • Department Director
    Reverend Jim Browning, ACPE Supervisor

  • Coordinator of Clinical Pastoral Education
    Reverend Rhoda Toperzer, ACPE Supervisor

  • Adminstrative Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator
    Denise Statham

  • Staff Chaplains:

    • Madeline Dawson - Staff Chaplain, Part-Time
    • Reverend David Henfield - Staff Trauma Chaplain
    • Gwen Jackson, Staff Chaplain, Part-Time
    • Kava Schafer - Palliative Care Team Chaplain
    • Rabbi Robert Tabak - Staff Chaplain, Part-Time

  • Supervisory Education Fellow
    Reverend Betty White

  • Six CPE Interns or Residents

  • Five CPE Externs

  • Roman Catholic ministry from priests designated by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

  • Episcopal, Islamic, Jehovah's Witness chaplains provided by denominational agencies -- part-time

  • Volunteer Chaplains of various denominations

  • Volunteer Pastoral Visitors

  • Chaplain Emeritus
    Ralph Ciampa

Department Personnel
The Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

  • Chaplain
    Reverend John Ehman

  • Associate Chaplain, Part-Time
    Janis Nelson

  • Adjunct Associate Chaplain
    Dennis Byrd

  • Administrative Volunteer
    Edith O'Brien

Department Personnel
Pennsylvania Hospital

  • Chaplain
    Catherine O'Brien