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Referral Recommendations

Chaplains respond to referrals for patients of any denomination of affiliation. The ministry provided will be ecumenical and supportive, and not proselytizing. Patients and families often appreciate pastoral care under circumstances such as the following:
  • facing a terminal diagnosis
  • facing a difficult chronic condition
  • facing surgery
  • suffering trauma
  • facing life situations which seem to contribute to illness or complicate healing
  • experiencing depression, guilt, or anxiety which seems to contribute to illness or complicate healing
  • searching for hope or meaning
  • facing difficult ethical decisions about treatment
  • lacking supportive family, friends, or a congregation within visiting range
Pastoral Care Department representatives may visit patients by request, referral, or on their own initiative. To request a pastoral visit, call 215-662-2591 or ask a nurse to call the Pastoral Care Department. All chaplains and volunteer pastoral visitors wear appropriate identification.

Local clergy are encouraged to visit their own congregants but are not permitted to visit randomly, room-to-room.