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Bibliographies of Spirituality & Health Articles --the Department's annual bibliographies of Medline-indexed articles
Religion, Spirituality & Medicine: Research and Clinical Implications, by Harold G. Koenig, MD (Thorne Sparkman Lecture in Spirituality, Religion and Medicine at Penn, November 2, 2010) --PDF of slides
An Introduction to Pastoral Care Research at HUP
Spirituality Research Symposium --sponsored by the Department
Summary of a Study of Patient Attitudes Concerning Physician Inquiry about Spiritual/Religious Beliefs
Journal Articles and Books that Have Referenced the Department's Study in the Archives of Internal Medicine: "Do Patients Want Physicians To Inquire About Their Spiritual/Religious Beliefs If They Become Gravely Ill."

Staff Education Resources

Religious Diversity: Practical Points for Health Care Providers
Calendar of Cultural and Religious Dates for 2014-2015 --select cultural and religious dates for the academic year (PDF, 1 page)
Religious/Cultural Diversity and Health Care: Article Series --a brief bibliography of articles from health care journals offering a series on religious/cultural diversity
Faith Traditions and Health Care --developed as a handout for the "Spirituality & Medicine" panel discussion that has been part of the Professionalism & Humanism module of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine curriculum since 1997
Values-Based Decision Making (VBDM) --a model for facilitating patientsí/familiesí decision making
Assessment for Spiritual Distress --part of the Pain Assessment algorithm of the Penn Health Management Program for Care at the End of Life. (This is based on a longer assessment instrument, developed by the Department of Pastoral Care for physicians and nurses.)
JCAHO's Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals (CAMH): references to spirituality, religion, beliefs, and cultural diversity
JCAHO and Press Ganey Resources Regarding Spirituality --links to publications addressing patient spirituality and spiritual assessment
End-of-Life Care: Needs of Patients and Their Families --An Overview for General Staff Education
M.E.D.S.: A Strategy for the Spiritual Support of Patients by Health Care Providers
Acute Stress Reactions: Notes for Chaplains Working with Patients/Families.