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The PennID is a unique permanent 8 digit number issued to every employee of the Health System (paid or non-paid), School of Medicine and the University. This numeric identifier is used within the Penn community as a substitute for the Social Security Number. It is a permanent identifier on each individual and remains the same even if one leaves the Penn Community and come back at a later point in time. PennID will never consist of a letter from the alphabet or a special character.

Penn ID is also an essential component in the registration of the Pennkey and password process. All PennKey's have a corresponding PennID. Refer to our 3 Parts of PennKey for further clarification.


  • Paid Employees - All employees paid by UPHS are automatically generated a PennID once they accept their job position and complete their new employee paperwork. Remember if the employee is a rehire, their PennID carries over from their previous work experience.
  • Non-Paid Employees - If you are a temporary contractor or an employee paid by another organization, you must request a Lawson entry when you receive their security badge. This entry will generate a PennID. These employees need to fill out Security Photo ID Request Form in its entirety (including Date of Birth and Social Security Number).


There are several locations where you can easily find your PennID.

  • UPHS Paid Employees - You can find your PennID by logging onto Employee Records and Paychecks and selecting the link in the left column for the Personal Profile page.
  • Manager's Portal - You can ask your manager to view their Employee Roster via the HR Channel under E-Broadcast in the Lawson Manager's Portal to identify your PennID.
  • PennKey Help Desk - You can e-mail the PennKey Help Desk at pennkey@uphs.upenn.edu and simply ask for your PennID.

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