Department of Otorhinolaryngology


Online Lectures

Resident Research Final Presentations

A Murine Model of Airway Granulation and Subglottic Stenosis
Nora Malaisrie, MD (7/1/10)
Natasha Mirza, MD and Kevin Leahy, MD, PhD (PI's)

Mandibular Fractures
Jennifer Lee, MD (1/14/10)
Jeffrey Suh , MD and
Natasha Mirza, MD (Faculty Discussants)

Laser Facial Nerve Welding in a Rabbit Model
Jason Bloom, MD (6/25/09)
Noam A. Cohen , MD, PhD and
Stephen A Goldstein, MD (Preceptors)

Research Presentation on Thyroid Cancer
Jason Leibowitz, MD (6/25/09)
Marcia Brose, MD, PhD (Preceptor)

Operating Room Safety - Fires
John Chi, MD (6/18/09)
James Kearney, MD and

Lee Smith, MD (Faculty Discussants)

Nasal Pharmaceuticals
Benjamin S. Bleier, MD (6/11/09)
Noam A. Cohen, MD, PhD (Faculty Discussant)

Systemic Steroids in Otolaryngology:  Uses or Abuses?
Chia Haddad, MD (5/7/09)
Natasha Mirza , MD (Faculty Discussants)

Approach to Nasolacrimal system Obstruction
Marcelo B. Atunes, MD (3/26/09)
Noam A. Cohen, MD, PhD and
Kenneth Morgenstern, MD (Faculty Discussants)

A Validated, Disease-Specific QOL Measure for Acoustic Neuroma
Brian Shaffer, MD (2/26/09)
Michael Ruckenstein, MD (Faculty Discussant)

TORS for Oropharyngeal Carcinoma and HPV Viral Load
Marc A. Cohen, MD (2/26/09)
Bert O'Malley, MD and
Gregory Weinstein, MD (Faculty Discussants)

Hyperbaric Oxygen in ORL-HNS
Evan Ransom, MD (1/29/09)
Kevin Hardy, MD (Faculty Discussant)

Pediatric Sleep Apnea
Sri Chennupati, MD (11/13/08)
Ralph Wetmore, MD (Faculty Discussant)

Unilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis
Nora Malaisrie, MD (7/24/08)

Natasha Mirza, MD (Faculty Discussant)

Chemotherapy for H & N SCC2
Charles Gawthrop, MD (1/25/07)
Jason Newman, MD (Faculty Discussant)

Triological Society Presentations

Hard Palate
Joel Guss, Marc Cohen, Duane Sewell, Natasha Mirza, (1/4/07)

Sp-B Detection and Gene Expression
Bradford A. Woodworth, Noam A. Cohen, Rachel Wood, Geeta Bhargave, John E. Baatz, Rodney J. Schlosser, (1/4/07)

Nasal Papillomatosis
Benjamin S. Bleier, Charles S. Gawthrop, Erica R. Thaler, Duane A. Sewell, Kathleen T. Montone, Alexander G. Chiu, (1/4/07)