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Lab Legacy

A professor of the History of Science at Brown University has described an interesting legacy of which the Auditory Research Laboratory is a part. Each of the luminaries listed below were either colleagues or students of each other, and each of them, in one form or another, studied topics related to the phenomenon of hearing. This is apparently one of the longest unbroken lines of investigators for which the scientific and philosophic interests of the preceding generation influenced the thinking of the next generation in such a way that our understanding of the biology and psychology of hearing systematically advanced over almost 200 years. We present this without offering evidence of its authenticity, although many of the connections between these early researchers can be found in E. G. Boring's book, "A History of Experimental Psychology" (2nd Edition, Appleton-Cent.-Crofts, New York, NY:, 1950) and on various web sites referring to these individuals.

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(1801 - 1858)

Johannas Muller

(1821 - 1894)

Hermann von Helmholtz

(1832 - 1920)

Carl Wundt

(1867 - 1927)

Edward B. Titchner

(1886 - 1968)

Edwin G. Boring

(1902 – 1986)

Ernest G. Wever

(1941 – Present)

(1966 – Present)

James C. Saunders

Yale E. Cohen

Auditory Research Laboratory Students

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