Pharmacy Residency

PGY2 Pharmacy Administration Residency

The Pharmacy Administration practice residency program offers a wide range of activities required to lead, operate and maintain a comprehensive pharmacy service within a dynamic health system. The program is designed to develop competent, progressive health system pharmacy administrators who are trained and prepared to immediately assume managerial, supervisory and leadership positions within a large health system focused on improving patients’ health, healthcare delivery and the profession of pharmacy. Special focus is placed upon leadership, clinical and administrative skills required to provide an effective service. The administrator is key to establishing a vision, aligning people toward common goals and motivating people toward optimal performance and satisfaction. Emphasis will be placed on helping the resident develop the skills to balance a strong clinical knowledge base with advanced communication and human resource skills with an understanding of the financial issues surrounding strategies for success in the evolving healthcare environment.

Potential Experiences

The resident has a variety of opportunities for managerial leadership. The resident may be involved with every aspect of management from project leadership, resource allocation, scheduling, human resource management and strategic planning. The resident will participate in a variety of meetings to learn about the leadership and operational challenges and opportunities internally and externally to the Pharmacy department. Management experience can be obtained through enterprise wide initiatives exposing the resident to the management staff of Penn Presbyterian, Pennsylvania Hospital, Chester County Medical Center, Lancaster General Hospital, as well as Penn Home IT. The resident will also get experience to work in a corporate leadership role with the Chief Administrative Officer for Ambulatory Services.


The resident will learn about management through a variety of practice experiences including: rotational experiences with Coordinators, Pharmacy Specialists, Associate Directors, and the Department Director. The resident will obtain skills in quality improvement, healthcare operations, medical economics, finance, accounting, negotiations, marketing, strategic planning, effective communications and human resource management. The resident will work with the leadership team to plan and develop new programs and opportunities for pharmacist. The resident will be an active participant on various committees both internal and external to the Department.


Preceptors will help the resident develop their vision for the practice of pharmacy and create an individualized set of rotations and experiences. The resident will be expected to complete a research project accepted by the residency committee. Additionally, the resident may be tasked with utilization review activities, development of drug or therapeutic management guidelines, and provision of instruction to staff members and/or Pharm. D. students.


The successful candidate will be granted a Certificate of Completion of a Specialty Residency in Pharmacy Administration.