Abdominal Imaging

Breast MR

Imaging reveals 2 adjacent breast carcinomas. The smaller mass was not depicted on mammography and sonography. The patient's excision was then extended to include the 2nd lesion and prevented her from requiring a 2nd surgical procedure.

The Body MR section at the University of Pennsylvania performs state-of-the-art MR scanning on all parts of the chest, abdomen and pelvis. Imaging is performed on high field General Electric and Seimens systems. For those with extreme claustrophobia, an open General Electric magnet is available at one of our community sites in Radnor, Pennsylvania.

The Body MR Section prodes itself ion its ability to educate and inspire healthcare professionals at all levels of training. The depth and experience of the faculty, technologists and the current, eight, state-of-the-art MR systems insure the optimal performance of interpretation of abdominal and pelvic MR studies.