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October 2007

Jean-Denis Laredo, MD

Jean-Denis Laredo, MD

Announcement of Appointment: Jean-Denis Laredo, MD

We are pleased to announce that with the arrival of Dr. Jean-Denis Laredo, we can complete our plan for the Musculoskeletal Imaging Division to be co-directed: Dr. Laredo will share administrative responsibility with Dr. Judy Blebea for that divisionís services. Dr. Blebea's superb administrative, clinical, and educational accomplishments and experience will be complemented by Dr. Laredo's introduction of additional perspectives, especially related to musculoskeletal research and his special area of clinical expertise, interventional musculoskeletal radiology. We anticipate exciting collaborations that will further spark growth and innovation in our Musculoskeletal Imaging Division.

A French citizen, Dr. Laredo earned his medical degree in 1981 at the Broussais Medical School, Paris University 6, and a masterís in biology (anatomy) in 1981 from Paris University 5. He is dually certified under the French medical system in rheumatology and diagnostic radiology.

Dr. Laredo is highly esteemed not only in his native France, but also internationally for his subspecialty expertise in interventional musculoskeletal radiology. Since 1993 he has been chief of service for the musculoskeletal imaging service at the Lariboisiere Hospital in Paris; he has chaired that institutionís department of radiology since 2005. Moreover, he has been co-director of the radiology residency program for the Paris Universities system for the past 17 years. Dr. Laredo has also served in leadership roles in various professional societies, including the International Skeletal Society and was president of GETROA (Groupe díEtudes et de Travail en Radiologie Osteo-Articulaire), the musculoskeletal section of the French Society of Radiology, from 2001-2002.

In addition to his clinical, educational, and administrative responsibilities, Dr. Laredo has been and continues to be a highly respected researcher. He is a member of the National Center of Scientific Research in Paris, where he heads the Experimental Radiology Research Team. Dr. Laredo is credited with significant innovations that have improved the effectiveness of radiology procedures used to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal disorders. For example, Dr. Laredo co-invented and patented a specific process that uses computed tomography scans and magnetic resonance imaging to generate a three-dimensional image of a part of a patientís anatomy, such as a bone or a muscle. This image generation process creates a model, which in turn can be used to predict its mechanical behavior in situations such as falls incurred by elderly patients. Dr. Laredoís invention improves the prediction of fracture risk in osteoporotic patients, thus enabling physicians to determine optimal preventive measures and treatment. This research ties in with aspects of Dr. Laredoís medical practice, which includes the treatment osteoporotic fractures with the image-guided administration of cement (polymethylmetacrylate) through percutaneous injections.

With a dynamic, engaging personality to match his professional capacities, Dr. Laredo will no doubt prove to be a valuable asset to our Department. Please join us in saying, "Bienvenue" ["Welcome"] to Dr. Jean-Denis Laredo.

March 2007

The University of Bologna School of Medicine will recognize the accomplishments of Abass Alavi (nuclear medicine) with an Honorary Doctoral Degree in March 2007. The University of Bologna is recognized as the first academic institution established in the western hemisphere and possibly in the world. Currently, it is among the best if not the best medical schools in Italy.