Training in Cardiac Imaging

Three-Month Cardiac Visiting Fellowship

The three-month visiting fellowship satisfies ACC/AHA guidelines for Level II training in cardiac. It is divided into clinical and didactic components. The majority of the clinical component will be spent participating in the busy cardiovascular imaging service in the Department of Radiology. Additionally, up to one week blocks may be devoted to the following optional activities, depending upon the previous experience, training, and interest of each visiting fellow:

  • Cardiac nuclear medicine and stress testing: service run jointly by Department of Radiology and Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Echocardiography and interventional cardiology, Division of Cardiovascular Medicine
  • Vascular interventions, Interventional Radiology and Vascular Surgery
  • Neurovascular imaging and interventions, Neuroradiology section
  • Pediatric cardiovascular imaging, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

An individualized schedule will be arranged for each participant prior to beginning the fellowship. Please note that not all of the options listed above may be available at all times.

The didactic component (including the 50 hours required to satisfy the ACC/AHA level 2 guidelines), will include a one week didactic course in Cardiac CT and MR. Visiting fellows are strongly encouraged to schedule their three month visit to overlap with one of these seminar dates, although we will attempt to accommodate those for whom such arrangements are not possible by allowing them to attend the three-day program either before or after their three-month fellowship. However, this cannot be guaranteed. Additional didactic time will be accumulated through attendance at the following teaching programs, among others, at the hospital of the University of Pennsylvania over the three-month fellowship:

  • Cardiovascular Imaging Resident Conference - biweekly
  • Interventional Radiology Resident Conference - biweekly
  • Vascular Surgery Conference - weekly, every other week devoted to imaging
  • Department of Radiology Grand Rounds - weekly
  • Department of Cardiology Grand Rounds - weekly
  • Cardiac Nuclear Medicine Conference - weekly
  • Cardiac Catheterization Conference - weekly
  • Adult Congenital Heart Disease Conference weekly
  • Echocardiography Conference-weekly

Two- to Four-Week Cardiac Visiting Fellowship

Complete your Level II training requirements with a (minimum) two-week visit to HUP's Cardiovascular Imaging Section. Level I training guidelines for Vascular CT and MR can also be met in a four-week visit. Physicians will have the opportunity to participate in study acquisition and analysis as well as review and document teaching files at a workstation. Participants will work at individual post-processing workstations and will be provided both live and teaching file case material to complete case requirements with faculty supervision. A letter of certification will be provided for documented cases at conclusion of visit. This two- to four-week visit is for physicians who have already met their didactic requirements either through a Penn cardiac course or with another institution. Limited enrollment/2-week minimum: $2500/week.

Clinical Cardiovascular Imaging Service

The cardiovascular imaging section is staffed by dedicated fellowship trained cardiovascular imaging sub-specialists. The CVI section is responsible for supervising and interpreting all cardiovascular CT and MR examinations performed at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, and several Penn Medicine outpatient facilities, and consults on examinations performed at other institutions within Penn Medicine. Examinations are performed and interpreted utilizing the following equipment:

  • CT: Siemens Definition Flash, Definition DS, Definition AS, and Sensation64
  • MR: Siemens TimTrio 3T, Verio 3T, Avanto 1.5T, Espree 1.5T and GE LX 1.5T with cardiac capability
  • Post-Processing: GE Advantage Windows, Vital Images Vitrea2, TeraRecon AquariusNet and INtuition, Siemens MMWP (Leonardo) and syngo.via, and QMass. Our 3D and Advanced Visualization Lab is staffed by four dedicated technologists who assist with workstation training for visiting fellows.

The current clinical and research case volume is approximately 1000 cardiac MR exams, 2500 cardiac CT exams, 3000 CTA, and 2000 MRA exams per year.

Pediatric exams at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are performed and interpreted by dedicated pediatric radiologists and cardiologists.

Application Process

If you are interested in this course, please write to:

Harold I. Litt, MD, PhD
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department of Radiology
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Please provide background information. If we are able to accommodate you at your preferred time, Dr. Litt will respond with a letter of invitation. At that time, we will ask that you provide two letters:

  1. A letter from your current supervisor
  2. A letter from whomever will be sponsoring you

If you are coming from overseas, please allow at least three months to obtain a visa to visit the United States for the three-month period. Also, our office of Graduate Medical Education requires documentation of immunizations, PPD status, and health insurance for visitors who will spend time in clinical areas.