Cardiothoracic Imaging

The fellowship in Cardiothoracic Imaging at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is an excellent opportunity for a radiologist wishing to hone his/her basic plain film and CT skills while learning advanced techniques such as non-invasive vascular imaging and Cardiac MRI.

The fellow spends approximately 50-60% of his or her time in the main Chest reading room, where all of cardiothoracic plain films and CT scans are interpreted. The fellow spends another 20% of his/her time in the body MRI section (where cardiothoracic, abdominal and musculoskeletal MRI are performed in approximately equal numbers). The rest of the fellow's schedule is devoted to academic time, allowing for the completion of multiple abstracts, papers, and chapters during the year.

All examinations are interpreted on the department's PACS system. Dictation is performed with the use of Voice Recognition Software.

During the academic year, the cardiothoracic imaging fellow is exposed to the complete gamut of cardiothoracic imaging modalities. The department owns 6 whole body MRI scanners and 4 CT scanners, including a 4T MRI and a state of the art multidetector CT scanner. Advanced MRA and CT vascular imaging is performed on a daily basis and there is ample exposure to cardiac imaging, including Cardiac MRI and Coronary Artery Calcification Detection by CT. Furthermore, the hospital boasts outstanding cardiology, pulmonology, and CT surgery departments, ensuring that the fellow will be exposed to a wide variety of cardiothoracic pathology.

Past Cardiothoracic Imaging fellows have been extremely successful in pursuing highly competitive academic and private practice positions.

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