Cardiovascular Imaging

The major purpose of this fellowship training is to prepare individuals for independent careers in academic and clinical medicine. The emphasis is placed on the understanding the technical aspects of MRA, CTA cardiac CT and cardiac MR imaging, clinical indications and the physiology and pathophysiology of cardiovascular pathology.

During the year several educational goals will be achieved:

  1. Understanding of clinical indications for cardiac and peripheral vascular MR and CT studies
  2. Acquiring expert skills in acquisition techniques and interpretation of the following studies:
    1. Aortic, visceral and peripheral vascular (extremities) MRA and CTA
    2. Abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) CTA, pre AAA stent-graft assessment and post treatment follow-up
    3. MR/CT pulmonary artery imaging
    4. Neurovascular (including extra and intracranial) vasculature CTA and MRA
    5. MR/CT venography
    6. MR/CT of the coronary arteries
    7. Anatomic and functional cardiac MRI
    8. MR of cardiac perfusion and vascular injury
  3. In depth study and understanding of CVI MR and multidetector CT physics and underlying principles
  4. Acquiring skills for independent conduct of CVI clinical research, including designing of clinical study protocols and obtaining regulatory approval