Cardiovascular Imaging

All of the training programs in the HUP department of radiology function on the principle of "graded responsibility," so that trainees take on greater and greater responsibility as their skills increase. The level of responsibility assigned to the fellow for a given procedure is commensurate to his/her level of experience with that particular procedure.

Assessment of patients for cardiovascular radiology procedures, supervision of cardiovascular radiology procedures, and follow-up of patients who have had cardiovascular radiology procedures is a shared responsibility of the fellow and supervising attending physician, with the degree of fellow autonomy increasing as greater experience and confidence is gained.

Similarly, the level of didactic training given, and level of staff supervision required, is commensurate to the individual expertise of the fellow in question. With greater facility come greater responsibility and a higher level of didactic teaching.

The CVI fellow is assigned to review the schedule of inpatient and outpatient cases, manage an 'add-on" schedule for urgent outpatients and emergent inpatient and ER cases, and select protocols for these cases in concert with attending radiologists. Fellows are responsible for the initial review of all CV cases and at the later stages of the fellowship, once they are comfortable with basic studies and procedures, take on important teaching roles within our department supervising residents on CV rotations both from radiology and cardiology.

Morbidity and mortality related to interventional procedures in CV radiology are very rare. Common morbidities (such as contrast allergy reactions) are discussed with each patient at the time of the procedure. Emergency numbers are given to each outpatient and inpatients that undergo procedures in our department have access to the medical or surgical services primarily responsible for their care. The department maintains a Quality Assurance program under the direction of Steve Rubesin, MD, Professor of Radiology.