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Diagnostic Radiology Residency
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We are very fortunate to have residents who are very academically talented, who strongly desire to achieve their full professional potentials, and who work very well together in a spirit of true cooperation.

Current Resident

All of our current residents are U.S. citizens that have graduated from medical schools in the United States. Approximately one-third graduated from medical schools in the Philadelphia region. The other two-thirds graduated from medical schools located all across America, and there are representatives from each region of the country. Our residents are a very diverse group with many different ethnicities represented. Women are also well represented and make up approximately 25% of the group.

Current Resident

Many of our residents have had a direct academic course with no gaps between their college, medical school and PGY1 years. Others have had careers prior to entering medicine or have had interruptions in their medical training due to military service or other personal circumstances. Some began their graduate medical training in another specialty, only to later realize their true calling as radiologists.

Many of our residents enjoy each otherís company so much that they have become true friends. The group as a whole frequently socializes after hours.

Current Resident

Applicants attending interviews will have the opportunity to speak with many of our current residents. Applicants have the option to attend an informal reception hosted by our residents at a nearby restaurant on the evening before their interview. During the interview day they will meet privately with our chief residents, and they will have the chance to interact with several other residents while they are on tour or at lunch. All of our residents play a significant role in the interview process, and many will share their e-mail addresses in order to provide and encourage confidential communication with our applicants.

We are a very upbeat department. Communication between the attending staff and the residents, as well as between the program administration and the residents, occurs freely and with mutual respect. We have found the way to combine full academic rigor with a very friendly cooperative environment. We believe that this combination is the optimal setting for successful training at the graduate level.

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