The research program in the Department is widely regarded as one of the top radiology research programs in the world. Its overall strength derives from its multidisciplinary focus and the close integration between disease-oriented and basic science and technology programs. The Department has maintained the top NIH research funding position among American radiology departments for the past 15 years.

Department research programs cross a wide disciplinary spectrum, with considerable strength in cancer research (particularly breast and animal models, as well as studies at the cellular level), cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neurofunctional (positron emission tomography/magnetic resonance), and method development (magnetic resonance imaging techniques, imaging agents, image processing, and optical imaging). There is an active imaging research training program that collaborates with the departments of Biochemistry/Biophysics, Bioengineering, Epidemiology and Biostatistics, and Physics. There are 2 NIH-sponsored training grants in the Department of Radiology. At any given time there are approximately 25 postdoctoral fellows and various graduate students working in the department.