Center for Advanced Computed Tomography Imaging Services

CACTIS logoCACTIS works to establish policies and procedures for the research use of Computed Tomography (CT) scanners within the Department of Radiology. Our mission is to oversee proposed research protocols involving human, animal, phantom or specimen studies. This process has two major goals:

  • To ensure all research performed on the CT scanners comply with CACTIS and University policy and Federal Regulations
  • To determine that CACTIS can maintain the resources to carry out each research protocol, including personnel, software, hardware and scan time.

Harold I. Litt, MD, PhD, Chair

Harold I. Litt, MD, PhD

CACTIS is charged with overseeing the day-to-day operations of all of the CT procedures associated with research protocols, providing information regarding the use of the CT facilities to the research community at the University of Pennsylvania, providing the CACTIS users with all of the policies of the institution governing research and ensuring that CACTIS is in compliance with these policies.

The center's chair is Harold I. Litt, MD, PhD.

This web site describes the policies regarding safety, human and animal studies, and guidelines for the use of the CT scanners for research purposes.


Deborah Arnold, CACTIS Coordinator
Center for Advanced Computed Tomography Imaging Services (CACTIS)
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