CACTIS - Application

CACTIS is now only accepting electronic submissions.

All CACTIS applications (new, renewals or modifications) should be submitted electronically to the CACTIS Coordinator, Deborah Arnold at Please submit your application documents at least six weeks prior to the next CACTIS review meeting, this allows for the proper processing and review of your submission.

Animal Studies Submission

Approval for animal studies can be obtained by submitting the following for initial review:

  • CACTIS application form
  • CT Protocol
  • Protocol summary
  • Full protocol
  • List of potential risks and steps to avoid them
  • Copy of radiography/fluoroscopy operators certification (for studies not using a technologist)

The following will need to be on file prior to study start and full approval:

  • A copy of the IACUC approval letter
  • A copy of the animal transfer letter
  • A copy of the radiation safety approval letter

Animal studies require special time slots which occur after clinical hours and sometimes on weekends. Please be aware that due to this type of scheduling, ample time is needed for study start up. For more information please contact Felicia Williams.

The charges for animal studies are as follows:

  • Non-industry:
    • $250.00 per hour
    • $400.00 per hour
  • Industry-sponsored:
    • $350.00 per hour
    • $550.00 per hour
  • Contrast Agents:
    • $25.00 per IV contrast injection
    • $10.00 oral contrast (per use)
  • Image Reconstruction:
    • $100 per study