CACTIS - Purpose & Mission


To facilitate productive research that can be performed within the guidelines set forth by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the University of Pennsylvania for human subjects, by the IACUC for animal studies, by the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and by the Department of Radiology.


  • CACTIS will establish policies and procedures for the research use of CT scanners within the Department of Radiology.
  • CACTIS will review proposed research protocols involving humans, animals, phantoms or specimens prior to initiation of any project. This process has two major goals:
    • To ensure all research performed within the CT facilities complies with CACTIS policy, University policy and Federal Regulations.
    • To determine that CACTIS can maintain the resources to carry out each research protocol, including personnel, software, hardware and scan time.
  • CACTIS will impose appropriate sanctions and/or restrictions on users who act in violation of the approved policies and procedures.
  • CACTIS will provide training as necessary to ensure the safe and efficient use of Departmental CT facilities in accordance with approved University, Hospital and Departmental procedures for conduct of research.
  • CACTIS will facilitate the progress and conduct of all research involving CT within the Department through:
    1. accurate, comprehensive and timely dissemination of information regarding status and capabilities of CACTIS facilities to current and potential users;
    2. administration and scheduling of research time allotments on CT scanners;
    3. oversight of CT technologists assigned to CACTIS;
    4. development of new research capabilities which can be transitioned to clinical use;
    5. development of collaborations between/among Departmental researchers and with investigators outside the department.
  • CACTIS will receive and act upon recommendations and complaints regarding the administration of CT facilities.
  • CACTIS will periodically review and amend policies and procedures. Amendments will be distributed to the CACTIS community.