CACTIS - Procedures & Policies

Listed are policy and procedure updates that govern the use of all of Computed Tomography facilities in the Center for Advanced Computed Tomography Imaging Studies (CACTIS) in the Department of Radiology. These guidelines must be followed by all groups who will have access to the CT Scanners for research purposes. It is the policy of CACTIS to maintain a safe environment and to promote a conscientious approach to research projects and developments.

Date Category
CACTIS Notification:
May 30, 2012
Revised CT contrast/non-pregnancy documentation form
CACTIS Notification:
May 30, 2012
New Risk table available for studies adding CT guided biopsy to their consent forms.
CACTIS Notification:
September 7, 2011

CACTIS Policy Update

CACTIS Notification date: September 7, 2011
To all who use the CT research services
Category: Human – Consent form modification

CACTIS is recommending that the following language be inserted into your consent form prior to your next IRB review.

CT Imaging Incidental Findings

It is possible that during the course of the research study, the research staff (and/or radiologist that reviews your CT scan) may notice an unexpected finding (s). Should this occur, the finding (s) will be considered by the appropriate medical personnel and the study principal investigator will inform you if necessary.

These finding(s) may or may not be significant, and may lead to further testing (such as additional imaging studies, or biopsy). This may result in anxiety or harm to you caused by the additional testing. The costs of such additional testing will not be covered as part of this research study.

Dr. Harold Litt, MD