CACTIS - Protocols

Protocol development accounts are available to investigators who need preliminary data for future grant submission. Investigators seeking PRODEV accounts will need to list the type of award and funding agency for grant submission that will support this work in the future. CACTIS will provide ten one hour scanning slots at no charge as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. The investigators are actively seeking funding. The status of your research proposal (preparing or submitted) should be indicated upon submission for each potential funding source.
  2. The study is not for industry-sponsored research. CACTIS must comply with the university and hospital accounting procedures. For industry sponsored studies, no research may be conducted until all accounts have been established and the sponsoring company has issued the initial payment as outlined in the study's legal contract. PRODEV may not be used to start a project "early". PRODEV may be used to collect pilot data, which may lead to an industry-sponsored study so long as the sponsor is not initially involved.

PRODEV slots are to be used within one year of the approval date. NO CONTRAST AGENTS ARE SUPPLIED FREE.