CACTIS - Protocols

Technical development is the devising of protocols for new techniques in a CT environment. The idea is that these new techniques may one day be used in a clinical setting. In view of the radiation exposure involved with CT scanning, these protocols may not be done on humans. Animals, phantoms or specimens are reviewed on a case per case basis. Due to the regulatory climate at the University, CACTIS must adopt procedures to document protocol adherence, adverse events and activities performed under these protocols. In order to comply with the IRB recommendations, the below guidelines have been instituted for performing human studies under these protocols:

  • All researchers intending to perform studies under the technical development protocols must submit a request to CACTIS in the form of a letter describing the nature of the technical development. This should include a brief description of the protocol, equipment used and any unusual risks. A list of approved technical development projects will be kept in the CT department.
  • Investigators performing research under the technical development IRB protocols will be required to submit a brief progress report to CACTIS yearly to document progress of their research.
  • All investigators using the scanner without a CT technologist present must provide a copy of their certificate of operation in fluoroscopy. The CACTIS staff will maintain these certificates.