Center for Translational Imaging Informatics

The mission of the Center for Translational Imaging Informatics (CTII) is to convert innovative imaging information technologies developed by the basic informatics research laboratories in the Department of Radiology into software applications and systems that can be evaluated and used in the clinical environment. Relevant systems include those designed to enhance the display, processing, and communication of medical images, reports, and associated information. CTII envisions a future in which accurate and timely imaging information is used rapidly and effectively by health care providers to optimize the processes and outcomes of clinical care.

The Center for Translational Imaging Informatics provides a coherent organizational structure under which translational imaging informatics research and other applied computer-based programs can thrive. Our close relationship with the operational informatics infrastructure in the Department of Radiology and the University of Pennsylvania Health System enables rapid testing and implementation of innovative imaging technologies developed in basic research laboratories. Our center is an environment in which clinicians, clinical researchers, and basic informatics researchers can find enthusiastic collaborators.


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