Cardiovascular Research Group - Wall Motion

Applications of SPAMM Imaging - Infarct
K9 Cardiomyoplasty analyzed with 2D optical flow

Displacement Map of Cardiomyoplasty


Left: Nonstimulated demonstrates uniform displacement over the entire left ventricle.
Right: Muscle stimulation resulted in an increase in displacement in the anterior region of the left ventricle.

Maximum Principal Strain Lambda 1

Principal Strain

Left: Uniform strain pattern in the nonstimulated myoplasty.
Right: Stimulation increased the principle strain in the anterior region indicating an improvement in function.

3D Surface Modeling

3D Infarcation

3 Month Post-MI, Control (left) and Treated (right).

Border Zone Analysis Performed Using 2D Optical Flow

Spamm App

Left: Created anterior infarct.

Right: Placed titanium markers at BZ.

Spamm App

Short axis image of an ovine infarct model eight weeks post infarct with marker indicating border zone region. The border zone was considered to be the adjacent myocardium within a 20 degree arc of the marker.

Systolic Radial Strain Dynamics


In the non-infarct border zone, strain increased linearly from end-diastole to end-systole. Strain increased during isovolumic contraction in the control group but decreased thereafter. The CSD strain increased then remained constant and dramatically increased during late ejection.