Laboratory of Molecular Imaging

Mission Statement

The overall goal of the Laboratory of Molecular Imaging is to foster synergistic and symbiotic collaborations between tumor biologists and the imaging community. The Laboratory of Molecular Imaging provides tumor biologists with noninvasive tools to examine the molecular, metabolic and physiological characteristics of cancer, as well as probes for the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of the disease. The interactions with molecular biologists will stimulate the development of improved methods for the study and clinical management of cancer.


Located in the Radiology Department at the University of Pennsylvania in Southwest Philadelphia, the Laboratory of Molecular Imaging has established collaborations with cancer investigators at the Wistar Institute, located on the PENN campus, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), and Thomas Jefferson University (TJU) in downtown Philadelphia. The main offices of the Laboratory of Molecular Imaging are located in the basement of Blockley Hall, with laboratories on the third floor of the Stemmler Research Building in the Pendergrass Laboratory of the Department of Radiology. The 4.7 T /50 cm horizontal bore and 9.4 T/8.9 cm vertical bore MR spectrometers are located in the NMR Suite in the basement of the Founders Pavilion at HUP. Renovation of 7600 sq ft of space in the Chemistry Building is currently underway to provide laboratories for synthesis of molecular probes and for a molecular biology laboratory.


The molecular imaging program is currently supported by the Pre-ICMIC and the SAIRP programs of the NCI. Additional funding has come from the Unconventional Innovations Program (UIP), as well as from several nationally competitive R01 and R21 NIH Grants. The University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center is planning to include a Small Animal Imaging/Molecular Imaging Core in the Cancer Center budget, which will be the nucleus for a comprehensive multidisciplinary molecular imaging program on the Penn Campus.