Research Scheduling

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Scheduling an FDG Research PET or PET/CT scan:

Call Radiology scheduling at 215-662-3000. When speaking with a scheduler have all patient information together. Tell the scheduler the Resource Code and Procedure Code (codes are listed below) for the PET (or PET/CT) procedure being scheduled. The scheduler will need the five or six letter billing code generated for the specific research protocol.

Ask the scheduler to please put the Billing Code in the comments section of the IDX template. This is extremely important, as it will alert the technologists performing the research scan in advance of the patient arriving.

Scheduling a non-FDG Research PET or PET/CT scan:

Email Alex Wills and provide with a filled out Research PET Scan Request Form. Also provide Alex with several days that you would like the study performed. Alex will coordinate with the Cyclotron and the PET Center to get the research study scheduled.

Most non-FDG research radiopharmaceuticals will be delivered to the PET Center at approximately 11:30 am, so many non-FDG research patients will have an anticipated injection time between 11:30 am and 12 pm.

Resource Codes (Scanner Codes) for PET and PET/CT Scanners:

  • Allegro - HUP PET Scanner : PET1
  • Gemini TF - HUP PET/CT Scanner: PET2
  • Gemini TF BigBore - PCAM PET/CT Scanner: C202 

Procedure Codes for PET Studies:

  • Brain Study
    • PTBM – PET Brain Metabolic Imaging (PET1, PET2, C202)
  • Cardiac Study
    • PMPM – PET Myocardial Perfusion, Multiple Images w/ Rb-82 (C202)
    • PMMS – PET Myocardial Metabolic Imaging, Single Image w/ FDG (PET1, PET2, C202)
  • PET-Only (no CT) Body Study
    • PTST – PET Skull-to-Thigh (PET1)
    • PTWB – PET Whole-Body (PET1)
    • PTLD – PET Limited View (PET1)
  • PET/CT (non-diagnostic CT) Body Study
    • PTSC – PET/CT Skull-to-Thigh (PET2, C202)
    • PTWC – PET/CT Whole-Body (PET2, C202)
    • PTLC – PET/CT Limited View (PET2, C202)