Our mission is to provide a support system for Coordinators in the department of Radiology.

  • Build a strong Research Coordinator team within the Department of Radiology.
  • Set up a network for Research Coordinators whereby we can assist each other in orienting new research coordinators to their positions, educating co-workers in our field of expertise (ex. MR, CT, and/or PET) hence; individually as well as collectively.
  • Gain knowledge and further our careers within the Department of Radiology.

Hierarchy of RADCORE

Steering Committee
The mission of the RADCORE Steering Committee is to serve as a central location for research:

  • Oversee the Radiology Research Coordinators and research being conducted in the department.
  • Match Coordinators with new research studies being conducted within the department.
  • Oversee regulatory and compliance issues within the radiology department for all research studies.
  • Organize and develop educational sessions.
  • Standardize Operating Procedures for the sections within the Radiology Department.
  • Communicate information effectively to RADCORE.
  • Standardize Operating Procedures within the department

Advisory Committee:

  • Organize and plan educational sessions
  • Develop a RADCORE newsletter.
  • Develop a new coordinator training manual
  • Assist the Steering Committee as needed.

RADCORE Policy & Procedure Manual