Small Animal Imaging Facility - Services

SAIF has Radiology Research Technicians who can provide all necessary study support, including anesthetic induction, maintenance, monitoring and postoperative care for all animals involved in a study. These technicians are Certified Veterinary Technicians and AALAS Registered Laboratory Animal Technologists. They are trained and skilled in Laboratory Animal Anesthesia and Surgical Support.

Contact for information on scheduling Radiology Veterinary Technician support:

Marion Knaus
Phone: 215.746.8654

If you wish to have one of our technicians assist your group with research, you will need to submit an Administrative Amendment for your IACUC Animal Use Protocol.

SAIF Veterinary Technician Fees:

Veterinary Technician:$63.00/hr
Set-up, clean-up, anesthesia monitoring, tail vein catheter placement, placement of vital signs monitoring electrodes, post procedure monitoring & clinical care

Sedation, intubation/induction, line placement, anesthetic maintenance (injectable or inhaled) charged from the time of sedation until extubation/recovery or euthanasia