Small Animal Imaging Facility - SOPs

Section 1: General Departmental Policies

1.01 General Policies and Procedures for Animal Users at the Small Animal Imaging Facility (29KB)

Section 2: Personnel Health and Safety

2.01 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy (85KB)
2.02 Procedures for Animal Bites/Scratches Incidents (39KB)
2.03 Policy on Sharps Handling and Disposal (23KB)
2.04 Safe Use of Inhaled Isoflurane Gas (29KB)

Section 3: Animal Care and Use

3.01 Temporary and Prolonged Restraint (23KB)
3.02 Humane Euthanasia (42KB)
3.03 Waste & Carcass Disposal Policy (23KB)

Section 4: Small Animal Imaging

4.01 Transporting Laboratory Animals for Imaging Studies at the Small Animal Imaging Facility (30KB)
4.02 Entry Procedures for the Animal Preparation Room in Founders Basement (29KB)
4.03 Guideline for Transfer of Mice to the 5th Richards Animal Imaging Holding Areas (43KB)
4.04 Guideline for the Longitudinal Imaging Studies at the Small Animal Imaging Facility (37KB)
4.05 Instructions for completing the SAIF Research Application Form (49KB)
4.06 Guideline for the Ultrasound Imaging of Small Animals in the Small Animal Imaging Facility (60KB)
4.07 Guideline for the MRI/ MRS Animal Studies at the Small Animal Imaging Facility (32KB)
4.08 Cleaning and Sanitation Policies and Procedures for Department of Radiology Animal Users (21KB)

Section 5: Equipment

5.01 General Guideline for the Proper Usage of the Refrigerators and Freezers (38KB)

Section 6: Principal Investigator Information

6.01 Operational Deficiencies and Repeat Violations (28KB)
6.02 Handling Guidelines for Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Controlled Substances (26KB)