Ultrasound Research Lab - Publications


  • Wood AKW, Bunte RM, Schultz SM, Sehgal CM. Acute increases in murine tumor echogenicity following antivascular ultrasound therapy: A pilot preclinical study. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine 2009; 28:795-800.
  • Sehgal CM, Cary TW, Arger PH, Wood AK. Delta-projection imaging on contrast-enhanced ultrasound to quantify tumor microvasculature and perfusion. Acad Radiol. 2009;16:71-78.


  • Wood AKW, Bunte RM, Lee WMF, Cary TW, Sehgal CM. Ultrasound monitoring of vascularity in murine tumors (abstract). Proceedings American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine. Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine 2009; 28:S68-69.  Download (29KB)