Ultrasound Research Lab - Services

Organ Specific Ultrasound

A variety of organs can be evaluated using ultrasound. Many clinical studies require anatomical evaluation of organs such as the liver, kidneys, spleen, gall bladder, thyroid, uterus, ovaries, testis and/or prostate, as pre-inclusion criteria, as a part of the continuing research and at the completion of the study. Additional uses of ultrasound include pre op anatomical evaluations, organ evaluation while on medications and study completion evaluations.

Evaluating Perfusion

Power Doppler is available to evaluate perfusion of a variety of tissue types. Measuring blood flow velocity. Spectral Doppler imaging can provide a variety of measures and indices in both arterial and venous flow.

Measuring Tissue Motion

M-mode imaging is available for measuring tissue motion is cardiac and other applications.

Contrast Enhanced Sonography

The use of micro-bubble based contrast agents for enhancing ultrasound images is now FDA approved for cardiac imaging, and being evaluated for other clinical applications. Ultrasound Research Services has the resources necessary for performing this type of imaging in both fundamental and harmonic modes. The capability for both qualitative and quantitative assessment of such images also exists within Ultrasound Research Services.