Current Fellows

First Year Fellows Pager Email Address
Amar Bansal 215-265-4195
Anirban Ganguli 215-265-4494
Sumitha Ganji 215-265-4492
Alison Grazioli 215-265-4493
Jamie Lin 215-265-2456
Michaela Mocanu 215-265-2509
Bonita Mohamed 215-265-2579
Second Year Fellows    
Iram Aqeel 215-265-2055
Jordana Cohen 215-363-0134
Amarinder Garcha 215-363-2220
Jennie Lin 215-363-1901
Gaia Muallem 215-363-1812
Hesham Shaban 215-363-2250
Muhammad Ubaid Ulah 215-363-1902
Post-Graduate Fellows 3rd Year  
Suzanne Boyle 215-265-4196
Hilda Fernandez 215-265-4170
Rebecca Seshasai 215-265-4495
Post-Graduate Fellows 4th Year  
Matthew Denker 215-363-0797
Renal-Transplant Fellows    
Mary Ann Lim 215-662-2638
Meera Nair 215-363-0793

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