Health Care IT Roundtable

The Healthcare IT Roundtable is held three times a year at Penn Medicine in Philadelphia. The Roundtable is comprised of a league of more than thirty health systems ranging from Maine to Texas and it continues to expand. The many aspects of the Roundtable include: collaborative discussions, knowledge sharing, innovative demonstrations, safer patient outcomes, advancing technologies, analysis of common issues, resource pooling, compliance/regulatory brainstorming, and the driving of vendor enhancements.

Each conference is six hours long (9am to 3pm) with up to an additional hour before and after the scheduled sessions for optional networking or sidebar discussions. During the scheduled six hours are five session slots across three presentation rooms such that three topics can run in parallel or the rooms can be merged for wider spanning topics. When there are three parallel topics, efforts are made to keep the subjects as divergent as possible. This reduces the likelihood that an attendee would want to participate in both while increasing the offerings as much as possible.

While the Roundtable was originally created for hospitals using the same hospital software, we will now have a wider variety of topics. Topics can include but are not limited to: Inpatient, Ambulatory, Pharmacy, Home Care, Emergency Room, Operating Room, Anesthesia, Radiology, Scheduling, Meaningful Use, and so on!

Topics may dive into one or more of the following topic types:

Administration – IT managers, hospital leadership, CMIOs.
Application – application analysts.
Clinical – CMIOs, physicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners.
Compliance – regulatory compliance personnel.
Finance – employees that work with billing.
Pharmacy – pharmacists or pharmacy techs.
Research – researchers or research coordinators.
Safety – safety officers, All.
Technical – technical application analysts, report writers, programmers, or database administrators.

Not a Participating Site Yet?

See your health system in the Participating Sites but unsure how you can get involved? Do you want your health system to become involved in the Roundtable? Contact the host, Gordon Tait or use the contact form.