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Dr. Doug Fraker
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Laparoscopic surgery is performed via smaller incisions than traditional surgery. The procedure is done using the help of a special camera and skinny instruments. Over the last several years, the role of laparoscopic surgery has expanded to include liver procedures. Laparoscopy can be used to aid with liver biopsy or even to remove a portion of the liver that contains a cyst or mass. Laparoscopic mass removal can also be combined with radiofrequency ablation, hepatic artery infusion (HAI) chemotherapy and/or cryotherapy. These techniques are indicated for patients with primary liver cancer or metastatic tumors isolated to the liver. Hospital stays can vary but most patients stay between 3-5days.

Inpatient Facilities:
Hospital University of Pennsylvania (HUP)

Office Visit Locations:
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, West Pavilion, 4th Floor
Rena Rowan Breast Center, Abramson Cancer Center
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, West Pavilion, 3rd Floor

Making an Office Visit Appointment:
215-615-5858 or 800-789-PENN

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