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Dr. Fraker
Dr. Doug Fraker
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Dr. Karakousis
Dr. Robert Roses
Dr. Roses

The University of Pennsylvania Cancer Center and Division of Surgical Oncology have a longstanding commitment to improving the evaluation and treatment of pancreatic cancer. This involves a multidisciplinary approach, which includes our gastroenterologists, radiologists, interventional radiologists, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists.

This careful evaluation and multidisciplinary approach leads to the identification of patients who may potentially benefit from surgical resection of their cancers. Medical oncologists and radiation oncologists are involved in the decision-making concerning treatment to best coordinate all modalities of therapy and optimize chances for cure.

The Division of Surgical Oncology continues their commitment to the optimization of surgical results and has extensive experience with surgeries which remove pancreatic cancers including the Whipple procedure. A coordinated effort with Nursing and Nutritional Support allows for optimal recovery and establishment of quality of life following these surgeries.

Inpatient Facilities:
Hospital University of Pennsylvania (HUP)

Office Visit Locations:
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, West Pavilion, 4th Floor
Rena Rowan Breast Center, Abramson Cancer Center
Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, West Pavilion, 3rd Floor

Making an Office Visit Appointment:
215-615-5858 or 800-789-PENN

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