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Plastic Surgery
Joseph Serletti Joseph M. Serletti, M.D.
Division Chief
Alexander Au Scott Bartlett Paris Butler
A.Au S. Bartlett P. Butler
Benjamin Chang Albert D'Angelantonio John Fischer
B. Chang D'Angelantonio J. Fischer
Joshua Fosnot Oksana Jackson Suhail Kanchwala
J. Fosnot O. Jackson S. Kanchwala
Steve Kovach Ines Lin David Low
S. Kovach I. Lin D. Low
Phuong Nguyen Ivona Percec Jordon Swanson
P. Nguyen I. Percec J. Swanson
Jesse Taylor Aron Wahrman Liza Wu
J. Taylor A. Wahrman L. Wu
Whether you just want information about reconstructive or cosmetic surgery or are ready to have a procedure, the surgeons, nurses and staff of Penn Plastic Surgery are committed to helping and supporting you through your experience. Our team understands and recognizes the importance of your appearance.

Penn Plastic Surgery performs over 1,800 surgeries each year and our surgeons meet with thousands of other patients seeking consultation about their appearance. Penn plastic surgeons use the latest technology for both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, including lasers to treat skin conditions, and work together with our Skin Care specialists to ensure all your skin care needs are met. They also perform microsurgery using a special high-powered microscope that enables them to visualize and re-attach severed blood vessels and nerves to re-establish feeling and function.

Medical research has shown that the more a doctor performs a procedure, the better their results. At Penn, our experience fosters our medical expertise. Penn plastic surgeons lead the region in volumes of cases in a number of areas, including breast surgery, facial contouring and other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Penn Plastic Surgeons are recognized both nationally and regionally. The Best Doctors in America recognized six Penn plastic surgeons for excellence in the field. These six surgeons made up more than half of all plastic surgeons listed for the Delaware Valley.


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