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Excessive sweating of the axillae, hands and feet or facial blushing is due to over activity of the sympathetic nerves. This problem, although not life threatening, can be socially traumatic. The underlying etiology of this problem is poorly understood. The person who experiences these symptoms is often embarrassed and shies away from social interaction where this problem might be discovered.

IncisionsMost patients have tried one or many treatments including creams, electric water baths, botox injections, and oral medication with minimal long term improvement of their symptoms.

Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) divides the sympathetic chain to the hands and axillae. As a result, these patients no longer sweat in their axillae or hands. The procedure is preformed under general anesthesia and in an out-patient setting. The majority of patients are extremely satisfied with this procedure. However, a small fraction of patients may suffer from compensatory sweating following this procedure.

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