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Traumatology, Surgical Critical Care and Emergency Surgery

Injury Prevention

The division has a collection of printed brochures on all aspects of injury prevention, including bike safety, pedestrian safety, car safety and auto retrain use, alcohol consequences, geriatric trauma, home safety and firearm injury prevention.  We are available to schedule prevention programs for community, church, or youth groups.  (PennStar also does many such prevention outreach events.)  A wealth of materials as well as nurses and physicians are available to speak on prevention-related topics.  Safety is a key element to preventing trauma.


  • Penn Trauma Prevention Committee -  The Trauma Center at Penn is currently re-organizing a prevention/public education Committee  The primary purpose of the committee will be utilizing  materials from the American Trauma Society -PA division to organize outreach efforts (both internal and external)  Target audiences: scouts, schools, adult day care/senior citizen complexes, and churches.  One of the annual events this committee will be responsible for is Trauma Awareness month.  The committee is open to staff from the trauma designated units.
    Contact: Rhonda A. Holmstrom, BSN, RN
  • Think First - National Injury Prevention Foundation
  • Injury Free Coalition for Kids (IFC) - HUP serves as a mentoring site for the injury free program.  This partnership allows for wonderful collaboration and support on community injury prevention, data collection and analysis specific to the West Philadelphia community.
  • American Trauma Society
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Dedicated area for recognizing National Prevention Safety initiatives (December – Red Lights Running, May – Trauma Awareness Month etc….)
  • Penn Center for Geriatric Medicine
  • SafetyLit
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
    • Pedestrian Safety
    • Highway Safety
    • Bicycle Safety
    • Safety First
  • STN Injury Prevention

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