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Jeremy R. McGarvey, M.D.
General Surgery Resident

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Department of Surgery
4 Maloney
3400 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Administrative Telephone: 215-662-6156

Contact Information (internal use only)


Dr. McGarvey is currently a chief resident resident in General Surgery following completion of a two-year post-doctoral research fellowship as a member of the Gorman Cardiovascular Research Laboratory. He will continue at Penn as a Cardiac Surgery resident beginning in July 2015.  He completed his undergraduate training at Lehigh University and medical training at the University of Pittsburgh. Jeremy’s career and research interests are focused towards cardiac surgery and surgical device design, respectively.

While in medical school, he assisted in the research and development of robotic instruments for minimally invasive cardiac surgery, among other diagnostic devices. As a member of the Gorman Cardiovascular Research Lab, his research includes the use of percutaneous therapies, cardiac MRI, and 3D echo to characterize and treat ischemic valve and ventricular dysfunction.

2014 – present Instructor in Surgery
2011 - 2013 Postdoctoral Researcher
2008 – 2014 Assistant Instructor in Surgery
2004 - 2008 MD – University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
2000 - 2004 BS – Lehigh University (Behavioral Neuroscience)
  • American Medical Association
  • American College of Surgeons, Resident Membership (2006-present)
  • International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery (2007 - present)
  • International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
  • American Heart Association, Trainee Membership (2011-present)
Gorman Cardiovascular Research Group, Drs. Joseph H. Gorman III and Robert C. Gorman
Description: Development of novel imaging techniques and therapeutic modalities directed towards congenital and acquired heart disease. 
08/2007 - 05/2008
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Dr. Marco Zenati
Description: Using piezoelectric materials, which create an electric potential upon application of mechanical stress, researched harvesting energy from myocardial movement to power implantable myocardial sensors and diagnostics
11/2005 - 05/2008
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center/Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute, Dr. Marco Zenati
Description: NIH R01 grant funded research directed towards the development of a highly articulated robotic probe for single-port beating-heart minimally invasive cardiac surgery.
05/2005 - 08/2005
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, Dr. Rakesh Sindhi
Description: Research focused on flow-cytometric analysis of activated memory T-helper cells in pediatric liver allograft recipients.
06/2003 - 08/2004
Merck & Co. Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Bonnie Howell
Description: Designed image-based algorithms and miniaturized assays for the assessment of neuronal regeneration and neurite outgrowth in high-throughput/high-content screening using robotic confocal microscopy.
08/2001 - 01/2004
Lehigh University, Dr. Lynne Cassimeris
Description: In vivo analysis of kinetochore-based microtubule stabilization utilizing confocal microscopy and imaged-based Monte Carlo algorithms.
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Reseach Presentations
  1. McGarvey JR, Zhang D, Witschey WR, Kondo N, Aoki C, Gillespie M, Gorman JH 3rd, Gorman RC. “Left ventricular four-dimensional flow changes following undersized mitral annuloplasty.” EACTS Annual Meeting. Milan, Italy. October 2014.
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2014 C. Walton Lillehei Young Investigator Award, 2014 EACTS Annual Meeting, Milan Italy
2013 Best Manuscript Award, 2013 ISMICS Annual Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic
2008  Scholarly Project Research Award Recipient
2006 - 2007 Clerkship Honors in Surgery, Specialty Care, Ob/Gyn, & Clinical Neurosciences
2005 Recipient of Dean’s Summer Research Fellowship
2004 Summa Cum Laude/Highest Honors
2003 Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society
2001 Patriot League Academic Honor Roll
2000-2004 College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s List, Lehigh University

Dr. Jeremy McGarvey

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