Education Leadership

Jon B. Morris, MD - Vice Chair for Education, Dept. of Surgery, Program Director: General Surgery Residency

James L. Mullen, MD -Vice Chairman: Surgery Administration

Rachel R. Kelz, MD, MSCE -Associate Program Director

Alan L. Schuricht, MD -Associate Program Director

Noel N. Williams, MD -Associate Program Director, Director, Preliminary Program

Cary B. Aarons, MD - Associate Program Director

Laura Huth -Executive Manager of the Division of Surgery Education

Ari D. Brooks, MD -Co-Director: Student Education

Susanna M. Nazarian, MD, PhD -Co-Director: Student Education

Andrew Newton, MD -Chair: Resident's Executive Council (REC)

Phillip M. Dowzicky, MD -Chair Elect


REC Representatives:

PGY1 - Alan Herbst Prelim 1 - Anna Mydlowska
PGY2 - Catie Lancaster
PGY3 - Lauren Krumeich  
PGY6 - Eli Riddle Lab Year 1 - Phillip Dowzicky
PGY7 - Lea Lowenfeld Lab Year 2 - Andy Newton

Education Staff

Susan Ciancaglione - Executive Assustant to Dr. Mullen

Damien DiStefano - Fellwoship Coordinator

Dana Dwyer - Clinical Projects Specialists

TBD - Graduate Medical Education Coordinator

Patricia Pratt Terry - Undergraduate Medical Education Coordinator

Robin Noel - Graphic Artist/Web Administrator